In the air where there are no borders... That's one of the places Rick belongs to.
Starting December 2000, after doing a test flight with his fellow Gerald Spitzhütl Rick encountered his interest for aviation. Today he is holding an Austrian Private Pilot License and a General Radiotelephony License for Aviation.

Based at the civil aerodrome Wiener Neustadt East (LOAN) Rick loves flying around with Austrian designed and Austrian built aircraft like the Katana DA-20 and the Diamond Star DA-40, both built by Diamond Aircraft Industries. (A company also based at LOAN!) Being strongly related to the Diamond Flightclub Rick nowadays works as flight-operations manager in his sparetime.
Starting mid of 2002 Rick joined his fellow Gerald founding the Diamond Formation Flight Team, a group of pilots using Katanas for civil formation flights. As the so called "Wing Commander", the one flying the first aircraft in the formation, he handles communications and navigation while leading the formation enroute or through airmaneuvers.

Additionally Rick lives his hobby within the internet. As a member of the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) he "plays" aviation on his virtual radar control screen giving ATC (air traffic control) to the other members flying aircraft using Microsofts Flight Simulator.