Hypnoses & Magic

"Mankind knows exactly what is happening 5 kilometers down to the middle of the earth, mankind knows exactly what is happening 5000 kilometers up in space, but mankind does not have a clue what is really happening 5 centimeters down the surface of their heads, within their brain..." Some people, including Rick, are taking their chances going down that path into the human brain, trying to understand what is really happening, trying to get a clear view into areas where science is stuck in theories and misleading interpretations.
Ricks interest for the human mind started in the mid-nineties with meeting "Digo". He showed Rick the way into what he called the "Magic world of hypnoses" (that in fact is not magic at all...). Spending some time reading books and watching Digo doing hypnotic sessions and shows Rick soon encountered that hypnoses has some borders. Trying to get past this borders Rick started learning the arts of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), witchcraft, shamanic rites, metaphysics and Dianetics. Today knowing much about all this things his possibilities to help others are far greater than they had been with hypnoses only, far greater than Rick had ever imagined.
Looking into the future Rick plans to get deeper knowledge of all this sectors of psychology and extend it into further directions. (e.g. Reiki)