Systems and Technologies

Dangerous IT has access to two servers:

The first server is a Linux based webserver hosted by Chin Thae Electronics! This server runs the primary websites of Dangerous IT hosting it's domains "" and "" as well as all subdomains. Even though it is a very capable server Dangerous IT only uses it for hosting static content as the space for databases on this server is limited.
The server is hosted at a CTE co-site in Frankfurt / Germany and is directly attached to a trans europe backbone network.

The second server is a Windows Server 2003 hosted by Dangerous IT itself. This server runs all dynamic content and database driven content as there is much more space available at this machine. The database backend is a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Engine. The server is equipped with the .NET framework making it a powerfull host for new technologies, giving Dangerous IT as one of few development groups, the possibility to provide .NET services at low cost. This server also hosts the mail services of Dangerous IT, powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Using the brand new technology of Exchange 2003 Dangerous IT has the ability to supply the most powerfull WebMail client currently available at the net, Microsofts unique "Outlook Web Access 2003"
The server is located at Mödling / Austria, attached to the internet via Kabel@Net Power.

Dangerous IT development mostly takes place on Microsoft based plattforms providing Microsofts unique balance between low cost, rapid application development and power whatever is necessary for the specific project. Bringing in experience with the .NET framework, SQL Server 2000, Host Integration Server, Content Management Server, Application Center Server, Exchange Server and many other server products built by Microsoft, Dangerous IT is a very competent partner for every type and size of request.